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PCM_Gold - Radio Automation Software
Prologger Express - OnAir Logging

PCM Gold 3 for Win2000/XP/Windows 7


PCM_Gold is the Ultimate Radio Automation Software System for your Radio Broadcasting needs. Either Live-Assist or Fully-Automated at a moments notice.
Fully graphical environment, making PCM_Gold one of the easiest radio automation programs to learn.
PCM_Gold contains everything from a full on-air user interface through to a production, song scheduling system, traffic/commercial scheduler, database management, logging, reports, and uploading to a website keeping your listeners informed to what is currently on air (past present future).
PCM_Gold it is all you will ever require.
  • NEW Multiple station support - Can even on the same on the same computer.
  • Multiple sound card support - enables Onair, production, recording, preview channels on the same computer.
  • Enhanced scheduling features added.
  • Traffic/commercial scheduler.
  • Announcer preview of tracks.
  • Custom Hotlist/Sting folders.
  • Multi-channel mixing on single sound card output channel.
  • In built limiter-expander. - normalizes the playback to keep constant output level.
  • Support reading of ID3 tags if exist from audio files.
PCM_Gold uses the windows media installed codecs and inbuilt ccodes for playback and recording. The sampling rates and formats available depend on hardware and software installed.
If you have already got audio tracks recorded like from an existing radio automation system or mp3 from a CD ripper then PCM_Gold can scan your system and instantly create or add to its existing database and have your radio automation system on air virtually instantly.
  PCM_Gold is one of the lowers cost automation systems but with all of the features found in systems costing $10,000s. There is no compromise of features and in most cases fare exceeds the usability and features of these expensive systems.
  PCM_Gold is designed and manufactured in New Zealand by a company with the aim of providing the best possible radio automation software and hardware at a price that is within the reach of your budget.
Manager Module 
This module is the heart of the PCM_Gold radio automation software. It enabling the user to find any audio cart, and send it to other parts of the PCM_Gold system. It is designed to provide resident/archive library maintenance features, library back, export/import, full back up and general database house keeping.  
Announcer Module - Featuring 'FailSafe'
The Announcer Module is the front end of the PCM_Gold radio automation system that the announcers work with. At a click of a button the announcer can swap between live-assist or fully-automated operations.
FailSafe is an outstanding feature that you can't afford to be without. It is designed to automatically select music according to a user defined order (just as if they had been scheduled!).
Full announcer assist is provided with comprehensive but easy to use editing functions. Timed events are included not just as an added feature, but as an integrated part of the PCM_Gold experience. The system is automatically set up to cross-fade audio tracks, with the ability to play a large number of tracks at once (only limited by the number of audio handlers you choose to have installed)
A full on air log keeps track of all the music played, as well as the station's commercials and general spots.
FTPWeb Module
FTPWeb keeps your listeners up to date of what your radio automation system has and is about to play on air. 
This is achieved by keeping you web page's up to date showing what is currently on-air, including past songs and song coming up. 
Supports live up date of up to 9 pages.
Information that can be uploaded are start times, track length, title, artist and a number of custom fields.
Has control also on the types of tracks allowed to be viewed.
Production Module
Most companies seem to see production as an after thought to a radio automation system! Considering the fact top quality editing is required for a professional sound, Integrated Broadcasting Systems saw the need for the production module not just be easy to use.
The Production Module is the main data base editing program for PCM_Gold. This is where the information about the songs/track are edited.
For pre-recorded shifts the Production Module is where the announcer inserts are recorded. This is a one button solution, to add an announcer insert, all the announcer need to do is click on the previous song to the insert, it will play the last 10 seconds, start recording at the point wanted, when ready start the next track while still recording, and then finish the insert. The songs around the announcer insert are automatically reduced in level just as if the announcer was live.

PCM_Gold features non-destructive editing, meaning that the audio you record is left untouched, but when played is edited to your exact need (within .02 of a second!). This allows multiple users of the same audio concurrently.
The PCM_Gold production module is a complete multi-track editor with the ability to record and play multiple tracks at the same time (only limited by the number of audio handlers you choose to have installed.)
This coupled with editing functions such as:
  • Cue time
  • Length adjustment
  • Multiple fade points (up to eight)
  • Parent and child carts for easy multi-cart production
  • Sequence timing
  • Timed event can also be set from the production module.
  • Dayparting and advert/spot scheduling is made simple with an easy to use graphical grid
  • A level profile (waveform) of the active portion of the audio track and playback position
  • dB peak meter to provide volume input and output information.
  • The ability to edit shifts makes inserting voice breaks in fully automatic hours simple.
  • Cart library data entry is also provided with title , artist, intro , outro, composer, label, music type, energy and other user specified information.
  Shift Management is another module that is also an after thought or does not exist in which you still have to fork for purchasing another software program.
PCM_Gold incorporates this as a fully integrated module of the Radio Automation Software. PCM_Gold does your music/show/commercial scheduling for you, once again with a full easy to use graphical interface.
  As the PCM_Gold Shift Management Module has full access to the song data base it can produce comprehensive shifts with all the information the producer entered about each track.  For pre-recorded shows the Shift Management Module can set up fully produced shifts incorporating full control over Timed Events. Timed events are tracks like news, specified shows that are required to start or end at a specified time. There are 3 types of Timed Events,  tracks that must start at a specified time, tracks that must end at a specified time, and tracks that should start at an approximate time (waits for the current track to end and skips any overlapping tracks). 
  The FailSafe shift is also set up by the shift management module.  This controls how PCM_Gold Radio Automation System deals with shifts that may have been produced with insufficient tracks to make up the time to a Timed Event.
The following capabilities are included:
  • Clocks - Up to 255 clocks can be used for different scheduling shifts
  • Unlimited number of shift formats with 256 clocks per format.
  • Song separation - minimum separation user definable
  • Artist separation - minimum separation user definable
  • Song energies - select only certain types of songs at specified times eg breakfast
  • Song type - select only types of song required for certain hours - eg dance, urban etc
  • Yesterday separation - separation from time song played on previous day
  • Dig Depth setting - ability to specify how far the scheduler will look when compiling shifts.
  • Timed events automatically altered in defined carts if scheduled differently removing human error
  • Schedule multiple hours and days at the same time, anywhere during the week.
  • Graphical interface for checking scheduled shifts.
  • Set FailSafe up to play from the groups that you define, with full separation capability defined by the user.
  • Advert/spot scheduling with start and kill dates, number of plays, expected plays and total plays with dayparting integration
  • Full dayparting with an easy to use graphical interface.
  • Unbreakable and breakable selection rules
  • Double Play
  • Full log avoids repeats

The PCM_Gold system is also compatible with any scheduling program that can output a text file such as:
  • RCS Selector
  • Columbine
  • Metro
  • CBSI
  • Blue Gum
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