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Shift Management is another module that isan after thought or does not exist in most systems,for which you still have topurchasing or look for another software program.
PCM_Gold incorperates this as a fully integrated modue of the Radio Automation Software. PCM_Gold does your music/show/commercial scheduling for you, once again with a full easy to use graphical interface.
As the PCM_Gold Shift Management Module has full access to the song data base it can producecomprehesive shifts with all the information the producer enteredabout each track. For pre-recorded shows the Shift Management Module can set up fully produced shifts incorperating full control over Timed Events. Timed events are tracks like news, specified shows thatare required to start or end at a specified time. There are 3 types of Timed Events, tracks that must start at a specified time, tracks that must end at a specified time, and tracks that should start at an aproximate time (waits for the current track to end and skips any overlapping tracks).
The FailSafe shift is also set up by the shift management module. This controls how PCM_Gold Radio Automation System deals with shifts that may have been produced with insuffeciant tracks to make up the time to a Timed Event.
Fully Graphical Interface
User friendly interface
Unlimited number of scheduling formats
Allows formats to be set up for different types of schedules
256 Clocks per format
Common shift layouts can be set up at once
Pre-set Timed Events
Automatic scheduling of specfied cart(s)to start/stop at set times
Controls the time of day/hour individual songs are allowed to play
Start & Kill dates
Defines when a song/commercial is to start/end being scheduled
Breakable and Unbreakable rules
Controls how tight to adhere to the individual selection rules set
Artist Separation
Sets the minimum time allowed between the same artist
Song Separation
Sets the minimum time allowed between the same song
Yesterday Separation
Prevents the same song from being playing at the same time every day
Dig Depth
Sets how far to search into a group for a match
User defined range from 1-9 (music intensity)
Track Type
Four letter value defining the type of cart
Group of carts that are treated as one type of cart
Graphical grid analysis of scheduled shift
Shows at a quick glance any possible onair problems
Fully interfaces into the PCM_Gold System
Fully interfaces with the other modules of PCM_Gold


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