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The Production Module is the main data base editing program for the PCM_Gold Radio Automation Software. This is where the information about the songs/track are edited.
For pre-recorded shifts the Production Module is where the announcer inserts are recorded. This is a one button solution, to add an announcer insert, all the announcer need to do is click on the previous song to the insert, it will play the last 10 seconds, start recording at the point wanted, when ready start the next track while still recording, and then finish the insert. The songs around the announcer insert are automaticaly reduced in level just as if the announcer was live.
PCM_Gold features non-destructive editing, meaning that the audio you record is left untouched, but when played is edited to your exact need (within .02 of a second!). This allows multiple users of the same audio concurrently.
The PCM_Gold production module is a complete multi-track editor with the ability to record and play multiple tracks at the same time (only limited by the number of audio handlers you choose to have installed.)

Multi-Track Editing
Dependant only on the number and capabilities of the audio handlers /hardware


Editing The original recorded audio track is not altered
Cue Time
Set where to start playing the audio track from


How much of the audio track is to be played

Fade In

Controls the audio level fade in time at start of track
Fade Out
Controls the audio level fade out time at end of track
Up to 8 Fade points
Allows control of audio level and fades during playback

Cart Specific Setting of Timed Events

Used by the Announcer module to auto start carts at a specific time
Defined place where next song starts relative to the end of the current song


Defined place where current song starts relative to the previous song

Multiple Edit Lists

Allows the production staff to work on more than one cart at a tine

Dayparting Grid

Sets the individual carts/commercials are allowed to be scheduled
Start And Kill dates
Sets when a song/commercial is to start and end scheduling from dates

Maximum Play

Limits how many times a cart to be scheduled
Audio Format
Information about the audio track format,sample rate etc
Cart Information
Title,artist,intro,outro user de .ned,label and apra info etc

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