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The Manager Module is the heart of the PCM_Gold Radio Automation System. Itenabling the user to find any audio cart, and send it to other parts of the PCM_Gold system. It is designed to provide resident/archive library maintenance features, library back, export/import, full back up and general database house keeping. 

Full Control Over the Music Database

Flexible easy to use,view and edit controls
Song Importing
Importing of trscks/songs for sources like mp3 CD rippers
Advanced Database Searching
Multiple wildcard searches under any information category

Database Maintenance


Full Backup

Backup and restore of carts to archive media
Dayparting colouring of cart list
Colour coded cart names indicating type of dayparting
Multiple Cart Information Displayed
User selectable viewing of desired database fields
Fully interfaces into the PCM_Gold
System Sending of carts to other PCM_Gold Modules
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