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The Announcer Module is the front end of the PCM_Gold radio automation system that the announcers work with. At a click of a button the announcer can swap betweenlive-assist or fully-automated operations.
FailSafe is an outstanding feature that you can't afford to be without. It is designed to automatically select music according to a user defined order (just as if they had been scheduled!).
Full announcer assist is provided with comprehensive but easy to use editing functions. Timed events are included not just as an added feature, but as an integrated part of the PCM_Gold experience. The system is automatically set up to cross-fade audio tracks, with the ability to play a large number of tracks at once (only limited by the number of audio handlers you choose to have installed)
A full on air log keeps track of all the music played, as well as the station's commercials and general spots.
Full automation or announcer assist at will
Allows the Announcer to have complete control or to run unattended
Full graphical interface
Very easy to use -Colour coded information
A list of Carts,tracks,sound effects that can be played on the spot
Removes chance of dead air without the need for announcers
Easy editing of shifts
Cut,Past,insert,delete and move any cart to any position
Remote Audio
Feeds Remote/Live audio feeds look like a standard cart with with event timing
Audio Ducking voice overs
Announcer inserts can automaticly fade/duck the playing songs around it.
Advanced data base searching
Multiple wildcard searches under any information category
Screen Countdown for intro and outro
Show when the vocals of a track start and end
Graphical linking of carts
Allows the announcer control of how cart flow together
Auto queuing of tracks
The carts are automatically cued without announcer intervention


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