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  The company for all Radio Broadcast Automation software and Logging software needs.
  The home of PCM_Gold and Prologger Express.


Integrated Broadcast Systems is a leader in providing innovation without blowing your budget.
Integrated Broadcast Systems is committed to develop and market high quality stable Radio Automation Software that will enhance your radio station's productivity.
You won't find any software we produce, easier to use, more cost effective or with so many features for the outlay.

The two main radio software products we develop are PCM_Gold and Prologger Express

PCM_Gold had its beginnings in 1991 and was originally designed in conjunction with Radio Rhema New Zealand and UCB (United Christian Broadcasters International)

Shortly after 1995, Integrated Broadcast Systems took full control and ownership of PCM_Gold and has continued to develop it to one of the best automation systems on the market.
PCM_Gold is the complete radio automation software solution for your radio automation needs.
PCM_Gold is now being continually upgrade and marketed by Integrated Broadcast Systems

Prologger Exprerss had its beginning in 1996. With the legal needs of stations to keep a record of what goes to air Prologger Express was the result.
Prologger Exprerss Is more that just on-air logging. It has inbuilt event logging of dead-air detection and duration. Can record external events such as announcer voice over duration, current playing track, switching (requires external interface). Instant playback while recording.
Able to select and export any part of the audio log file.


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New Zealand

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