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Configure Audio Handler

The audio handler controls how the music is played and where it is sourced from.
In most cases this this will have been automatically be set up for you, but if not or changes are to be made then this shows how to set up the Audio Handler.


Limiter - Takes immediate effect


The current compression of the limiter if active (green)
[F3] key toggles limiter On(green) / Off(red)

Max Gain

The max gain that will be applied to quiet tracks. Range 1-10


How quick the limiter will drop the level of loud tracks
0= infinite time, default is 0.2 Range 0.0-1.0


The recovery time to increasing the level again

Audio Source Paths - Takes immediate effect

Add new paths use function key [F5]


The type of media - Shown as a number. Clicking on it will show the user friendly description.

Below is the description of the values

0 Disabled
1 Resident
2 Archive
5 Command ie {Sound Input switching}
0x4000 do not record into this path
0x8000 media path not owned by PCM_Gold


The name that the PCM_Gold user will see for the media.
Should be the same on all workstations as it is how PCM_Gold finds the music/tracks.

File Path

The directory were the audio is located. For network drives it is easier to map the network drive to a letter then set to this path.

Clicking on this will open up file dialogue window.
Quite possibly different on each workstation.


The type of file that is looked for when validating audio.
Typical would be either blank or "mp3"


To add a new audio path then press the [F5] function key. A blank new entry will be added at the bottom of the list.
The new entry will have the Name set to NEW. Rename this to new unique name. Until it is renamed you cant add any new items.



To change the flags click on the item and a select window will open.

To remove a path from the list, set the Flags to Disable (value of 0 ) of the item to be removed.
Next time PCM_Gold is run this entry will be removed. In the mean time it is disable.

Audio Path

This depends on the flags.

If flags = xxx1 Resident Media. Clicking on this will bring up a file dialogue window.

Select the base directory that contains the audio files.

If flags = 5 Command. Clicking on this will bring up a list of sound cards and available inputs.


Digital Audio Sound Card - PCM_Gold will need to closed to take effect


The playback rate typical 44100. Tracks of other rates are internally converted to this rate.

Sound Card Selection - To make new channel selection active, PCM_gold will need to be closed down and restarted.
The list at the bottom is the list of sound cards that PCM_Gold has found on your system.
Use the [up] and [down] keys to select the channel to edit. (These changes are only local to PCM_Gold)
Use the [Space bar] to enable or disable the card or output that you want pcm_gold to use as its record and playback channels

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