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~ Welcome to Integrated Broadcast Systems ~ The Future of Radio Automation Broadcasting

T he future of professional radio automation broadcasting is firmly established within the realms of technology.
Finding the software solution for your company's radio automation needs can be an awkward task, and could prove expensive if a misjudgment is made.
PCM_Gold is the complete Radio Automation Software Solution that you are looking for your Radio Station.
From song database management to scheduling to on-air both live-assist and fully-automated, PCM_Gold is the right radio automation solution.

-- Some of the many features of PCMGold --

  • Multiple radio station capability - support for up to 8 radio stations on the same computer. - NEW
  • Network capable - supports small single computer to large interactive multi-computer radio stations.
  • Multiple sound card support - enables Onair stations(8), production, recording, preview channels all on the same computer.
  • Enhanced scheduling features.
  • Traffic/commercial scheduler.
  • Announcer preview of tracks.
  • Custom Hotlist/Sting folders.
  • Multi-channel mixing on single sound card output channel.
  • In built limiter-expander. - normalizes the playback to keep constant output level.
  • Support reading of ID3 tags if exist from audio file.
  • Can be configured as a remote site for network breakouts (local commercial inserts).
Radio Automation Software
PCM_Gold is the complete Radio Automation Software Solution that you are looking for, for your Radio Station. From song database management to scheduling to on-air, both live-assist and fully-automated radio automation. Also with hotlost/stings window for instant play of jingles and sound effects etc...
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Shift Management is fully incorporated into PCM_Gold as a fully integrated module of the Radio Automation Software. PCM_Gold does your music/show/commercial scheduling for you, once again with a full easy to use graphical interface.
The powerful Shift Management Module can set up fully produced shifts incorporating full control over track and song selection including setting of Timed Events.
The FailSafe shift is also set up by the shift management module.
This is the main data base editing program for PCM_Gold. This is where the information about the songs/track are edited.
For pre-recorded shifts the Production Module is where the announcer inserts are recorded. There is a one button solution to add announcer inserts, all the announcer need to do is click on the previous song to the insert, it will play the last 10 seconds, start recording at the point wanted, when ready start the next track while still recording, and then finish the insert. The songs around the announcer insert are automatically reduced in level just as if the announcer was live.
FTPWeb keeps your listeners up to date of what your radio automation system has and is about to play on air. This is achieved by keeping you web page's up to date showing what is currently on-air, including past songs and song coming up.
Supports live up date of up to 9 web pages.

On-Air Logging
ProLogger Express, more that just on-air radio logging for your station. It has inbuilt event logging of dead-air detection and duration, can record external events such as announcer voice over duration, current playing track, switching (requires external interface). Instant playback while recording. Easy saving of any audio block for later use.
With Prologger Express you can keep track of how your Radio Station is sounding on air.
Single and multiple radio station logging.
ProLogger Express - The on-air logger for your radio station.
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$195 - Single Station Logging
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PCM_Gold the Radio Automation Software of the future.
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